Case Study

Long term protection of 2.4m diameter Waste Water Pipes

The Industry:

Waste Water Treatment

The Challenge:

When the client, a major utilities company, was carrying out a massive extension to one of its waste water treatment plants, they selected Corrocoat protective coating systems to protect the interior and exterior surfaces of approx. 150 sq. m of 2.4 m diameter pipework which takes treated wastewater out to sea. With the potential of carrying up to 11,000 litres of waste water a second, an effective anti-corrosion lining with low maintenance and lifetime costs was required.

The Solution:

• The pipes were grit blasted internally and externally to ISO 8501-1 cleanliness standard SA 2 ½. • For the internal pipe surfaces Polyglass VEF – a glass flake vinyl ester acrylic co-polymer was applied at 1500 microns. VEF offers superior resistance to chemical attack in a severe immersion environment such as this. • To give extra protection at key erosion points such as bends, Corrocoat Armagel – an abrasion resistant vinyl ester co-polymer containing glass flake and silicon carbide was used. • For the external surfaces Plasmet ZF and Zip e was applied. This durable glass flake coating provides effective protection in the aggressive atmospheric conditions found at waste water treatment plants.

Results & Benefits:

The contract was completed on budget and on schedule. A spokesperson for the client commented: “Corrocoat products were selected as they were able to show a large portfolio of similar successfully completed several projects.”


Corrocoat’s 40 year history lies in the water and waste industry so it’s no surprise that we have a hard-earned reputation in the industry for tackling erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and mechanical damage. We are a proven, reliable partner in the industry, having completed a wide range of pipe lining projects both on and off site in a professional manner and often to tight timescales.

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