Case Study

Fluid Efficient Coating of Pump Casing

Fluiglide treatment of the internal surfaces of a 14/12 hsc pump.

  Client  Major pump manufacturer, UK.   Scope of Work  Chamfer split faces and flanges and prepare casing ring lands. Blast and coat internally with fluid efficient coating. Cast in ring lands.   Products  Corroglass 600 series. Plasmet ZF. Fluiglide.   Internal Coating System
  • Grit blasted internally to ISO 8501, Cleanliness Standard Sa 2½
  • Coated internally using Corroglass 600 Series to a minimum 750 DFT.
  • Thickness checked.
  • Spark tested at 9.5 Kv.
  • Single coat of Fluiglide applied.
  External Coating System Grit blasted externally to ISO 8501-1 – Cleanliness Standard Sa2 and applied one coat of Plasmet ZF.   Coating Credentials  Fluiglide has been applied to thousands of pumps world wide, achieving significant improvements in efficiency. Fluiglide offers both increased efficiency levels and an effective corrosion barrier. Typical efficiency improvements of 4-6% are achieved using Fluiglide (subject to design and operational parameters).

Pump casing received from client - Internals coated prior to ring land casting - Pump full re-furbished

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