Case Study

External Wrapping & Protective Coating With Plasmet HTE of Failed Aluminium Flute

Aluminium Flute External Wrapping and Coating with Plasmet HTE#

The Challenge

A cyclone flute from a paper mill was found to be holed after operating in a highly aggressive abrasive environment.

The Solution

The area to be repaired was blasted to SA2½ and externally wrapped with 300gsm matting wetted out with Corrocoat Laminating Resin 600. Thereafter multiple coats of Plasmet HTE were applied to the external and internal surfaces to a required dry film thickness of 2000μm. Plasmet HTE is solvent free 2 or 3 pack aromatic amine epoxy compounded with stainless steel and glass platelets and heavily loaded with silicon carbide. The coating offers extremely high levels of abrasion resistance and excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures and is often used in the repair and refurbishment of pumps, valves and pipework in aggressive environments such as operations including sugar processing and paper pulping equipment.

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