Case Study

Extending the Lifespan of a Cooling Tower Fan Blade




March 2024

The Challenge:

Lifespan extension of industrial fan blades.

The Solution:

With the front edges of a cooling tower fan showing signs of corrosion, as well as general wear and tear, the facility owners sought Corrocoat Japan’s help to restore the fan blades in order to extend their lifespan.

The fans consist of four variable pitch blades made of epoxy composites with glass fibre reinforced (FRP) and are hollow in construction. The blades are designed to withstand the hot and humid conditions of a cooling tower. Maintaining this condition durability, as well as the aerodynamics, is essential.

The team started with a grinder to remove the corroded blade edges, maintaining as close an alignment to the original shape as possible. The blades were then cleaned and degreased using solvents. Glass cloth and Corrocoat 600 was applied to repair the severely corroded areas and profile adjustment made using sandpaper to refine it to its original shape. An further layer of Corrocoat 600 was then applied for added for additional endurance.

The ease and speed of applying Corrocoat products on-site to protect against erosion and extend the useful life of the fan blades motivated the client to request the repair of an additional unit. It also persuaded them to introduce Corrocoat products to other types of equipment within their facilities.

Used Products:

Polyglass VE

Corroglass 60Z

Fibreglass Cloth

Cooling Tower Fan Blades

Blade Corrosion

Hand Finished

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