Case Study

Corrosion Repair for M.O.D

Corrosion repair for 2 column pipes subject to salt-water conditions



Ministry of Defence, UK.

Application Date

August 2021

Scope of Work

Corrosion protection for 2 column pipes subject to sea-water conditions at ambient temperatures. Coating system used required excellent resistance under aggressive atmospheric conditions.


Internals: Polyglass VEF (Black)
Externals: Plasmet ZF



Coating System

– Grit blast of externals to ISO 8501-1 SA 21/2.
– Final blow down, sweep and thorough vacuum clean.
– Polyglass VEF applied via airless spray to the minimum
DFT of 1250 microns, with relative humidity <85%.

– Single coat of Plasmet ZF to externals and thickness test and spark test at 17k.
– Coating cured over 3 days, all surface protection and dress edges then removed ahead of visual inspection.

Coating Credentials

Polyglass was used for all of the external components due to its superb performance properties in immersed environments. Polygass VEF boast excellent resistant to solvents, acids and de-mineralised water, as well as exceptional flexibility undercutting resistance and sliding abrasion resistance, making it an ideal coating system for the job.

As part of this contract, 2 stoplog gates and 53 brackets were also repaired and protected from future corrosion.

As a result of the work carried out to protect the components from future corrosion, the service life of the equipmrent is expected to be extended by many years.

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