Case Study

Corrosion Protection for new large diameter Gas Blower

Corrocoat Japan recently provided corrosion protection for a newly manufactured gas blower rotor intended for a gas cleaning system at a chemical plant. The impeller and shaft, with an external diameter of 2.57m and a length of 8m, weighed over 3 tons and was destined for installation at a chemical plant aimed at removing toxic gases from various chemical manufacturing processes.

Due to the size of the blower, the team at Corrocoat Japan took 2 weeks to complete the project on-site. Special facilities were constructed for blasting and the application of Polyglass VE and VE Veilcoat to ensure that the equipment had suitable encapsulation from the surrounding environment.

As part of the project the large rotor required dynamic balancing prior to carrying out coating quality assurance testing.

Corrocoat Japan was specified based on previous corrosion resistance tests conducted by the client and subsequent positive experiences with the refurbishment of existing equipment. The client decided to specify the use of Corrocoat products for new equipment going forward, thereby prolonging the service life from the very start.

The efficiency of both the team and the products used led to the client commissioning Corrocoat Japan for further work, securing contracts for 4 units of similar dimensions to date.

Gas Blower Corrosion Protection

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