Case Study

Corrosion Protection for Fan Unit

Corroglass 600 Series for fan unit.



General industry, UK.


Scope of Work 

Protection of new impeller and casing, designed for use in aggressive conditions.



Internals: Corroglass 600 Series.

Externals: Plasmet ZF.


Coating System

• Internal: The impeller was grit blasted to ISO 8501-1, SA 21/2and treated using Corroglass 600 Series materials.

• The casing was grit blasted internally to the same standard, followed by application of Corroglass 600 Series to a minimum dry film thickness of 1mm, carried into the flange rebates and finished flat to ensure optimum performance in use

• External: The area was grit blasted to SA 2 and protected using two coats of Plasmet ZF.


Coating System

This particular unit was developed for use at a duty incorporating 1% hydrochloric acid, 500ppm monochlorobenzene and moist air at 30ºC, operating at a maximum of 1339rpm and requiring additional protection against corrosion attack.


Using Corrocoat’s Engineering facilities the impeller was fully balanced to BS6861-pt1.

Impeller in costing shop following grit blasting and primer coat - protected impellers - casing completed

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