Case Study

Corrosion Protection for Diesel Storage Tanks

Internal preparation, supply and application of coating system.



Industrial Engineering – New Client


Application Date

September 2020.


Scope of Work 

Internal and external application of suitable coating systems to protect 2 diesel storage tanks in accordance with PUK specification systems 2a and 7a.

We have over 40 years of experience protecting tanks and process vessels from chemical attack.



Internals: Polyglass VEF

Externals: Plasmet ZF

Top coat: Corrothane AP1



Carbon Steel.


Coating System

  • Grit blast of internals to ISO 8501-1 SA 21/2. – Spark test followed adequate cure of coating. Thickness test also carried out. – Polyglass VEF applied via airless spray to the minimum DFT of 1250 microns, with relative humidity <85%.
  • Spark test followed adequate cure of coating. Thickness test also carried out.
  • Abrasive blasted internal and external surfaces with new abrasive in accordance with ISO 8501-1 to Sa2 surface finish, to achieve minimum profile surface of 50 microns.
  • Two coats of Plasmet ZF and a single coat of Corrothane AP1 applied.


Coating Credentials 

Polygass VEF is a glass flake ester acrylic co-polymer, which performs excellently in immersed environments. It also has excellent resistance to solvents, acids and de-mineralised water, and great flexibility, undercutting resistance and sliding abrasion resistance.

Plasmet ZF is an epoxy compound incorporating rust converter, inhibitor and passivator, with leafing barrier protection. Plasmet ZF is used as a surface tolerant coating, formulated to give good protection on rusted surfaces. It is also used as a high quality primer on blast cleaned steel surfaces.


Diesel Storage Tank before corrosion protection

Diesel Storage Tank following corrosion protection

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