Case Study

Coating over 300 New Pipespools

Pipespools would be subject to service in seawater in Angola.

  Client Oil & Gas industry, UK.   Scope of Work  Client required over 300 brand new pipes to be coated to protect from seawater damage, before being shipped overseas for service.   Products  Internal: Polyglass VEPG and Polyglass VEF. External: Plasmet ZF and Corrothane AP1.   Coating System Internal •  Internal grit blast to ISO 8501-1 Sa 2 ½. •  Complete blow down, sweep and vacuum clean. •  Polyglass applied with a pipe sprayer to a minimum DFT of 1250 microns. •  Thickness testing and spark testing following adequate cure at 17kv.
External • Surface protection removed, edges dressed and welds prepared to comply with Corrocoat spec 6/40, weld finish. • Grit blast to ISO 8501-1 Sa 2 ½. • 2 coats of Plasmet ZF and a single coat of Corrothane AP1.

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