Case Study

Coating of a coarse water filter vessel


Oil & gas industry.

Application Date

September 2007.


Polyglass VEF.
Plasmet ZF/Corrothane AP1.


Carbon steel.

Internal Coating System

Grit blasted internally to ISO 8501 – Cleanliness
Standard SA 21/2.
Coated internally using Corroglass 600 Series/
Polyglass VEF to a minimum 1.25mm DFT.
Thickness checked. Spark tested at 19Kv.
Flange faces rebated and coated to prevent
crevice corrosion.

External Coating System

Grit blasted externally to ISO 8501-1 – Cleanliness
Standard SA 2.
Applied two coats of Plasmet ZF with a topcoat of
Corrothane AP1.

Coating Credentials

Polyglass VEF has a proven track record protecting
components against sea water damage. Many projects
completed by Corrocoat for use within a sea water
environment are still working well after more than
25 years in service.

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