Case Study

Brake Cylinder Repair


Rail Industry.


Application Date 

March 2004


Scope of Work 

Machine, coat and post machine brake cylinder bore to return to correct bore diameter and surface finish.



Polyglass VEF.



Carbon Steel.


Coating System  

• Pre-machined cylinder bore to Ø357.15

• Grit blast internally to ISO 8501-1 cleanliness standard SA 21/2with a minimum surface area of 50µm.

• Applied Polyglass VEF (with 5% styrene) by rolling

• Assemble valve

• Post-machined to Ø356.1 (+0-0.2)

• Thickness checked and spark tested at 6.5kv


Coating Credentials  

Corrocoat has completed several similar jobs since October 1996 utilising its Polyglass VEF coating, which offers superior corrosion resistance, thereby prolonging the service life of these brake cylinders with the added benefit of reduced maintenance costs.


Brake Cylinder Repair

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