ZIPCoat and Biofoul bring big savings to Drainage Plant

Posted On : Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 in News

A mixture of fresh and salt water was causing rapid corrosion and marine growth build up on the discharge side of a flap valve at a Japanese estuary drainage plant. As a result, the valve could not be sealed and the plant was facing serious operating problems. The Client turned to Corrocoat Japan for a long term solution that would provide optimum protection and solve the inconvenience and expense of continuous maintenance.

The solution provided was: desalinization washing of the stainless-steel plate followed by blast cleaning to SA 2½.  A single coat of ZIP Coat at 800μm was then applied and a final coat of Biofoul at 250μm.

After several months the client is delighted with the result – There is no evidence of further marine growth and it is anticipated that regular maintenance will not be necessary. The efficiency of the pump has also increased due to the improvement in water suction.

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