Corrocoat Corrothane XT Veilcoat

A three-pack cold curedvinyl ester/urethane IPN(Interpenetrating Polymer Network).

Suggested use

As a topcoat for Corrothane XT products in aggressive service environments which may affect glass or where a smooth surface veil is required.


This product is extremely moisture sensitive and may foam if mixed or applied at relative humidities above 75% or in moisture condensing conditions. Tins are nitrogen filled, do not open before use. It is strongly recommended that de-humidification equipment is used during the application of this product.

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product it is important that the material safety data sheet is read and all precautions observed. Attention is drawn to Hardener B which contains Isocyanates.

Surface preparation

XT Veilcoat is applied over Corrothane XT whilst still tacky or before the maximum overcoating period has expired.

Application equipment

45:1 or greater airless spray pump, with an output of at least 4 litres per minute. Spray tip and fan pattern can vary and should be selected to suit the nature of the work. XT Veilcoat
can be applied by brush or roller in areas of limited access but not generally recommended.


Due to the hydroscopic nature of this product, the Base and Hardener B should be kept sealed until required. It is recommended that kit sizes are ordered to allow complete use of the product during each application to prevent moisture absorption when using part tins. Dependent upon end use and application conditions, Corrothane XT is normally applied in wet film thickness of
between 200 and 375 microns.

Mixing ratios

By Weight:
87.83 parts Base
01.57 parts Hardener A (organic peroxide)
10.60 parts Hardener B (Isocyanate)

Mixing instructions

Mix the base with a mechanical stirrer until it is uniformly mixed. Add Hardener A (organic peroxide) to the Base and mix thoroughly, allow to stand for 10 minutes. Thoroughly stir the Base/peroxide blend again and leave to stand for a further 5 minutes (NB. The Base/peroxide blend is relatively stable and will not react significantly until the Hardener B is added). Add Hardener B (Isocyanate) and mix thoroughly before applying.


Data Sheet

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