Corrocoat Corrothane XT

A three-pack cold cured vinyl ester-urethane polymer alloy with glassflake.

Suggested use

For coating both steel and concrete surfaces, where good chemical and high temperature resistance are required, either or immersed or non-immersed service.


This product is very moisture sensitive and may foam if mixed or applied in moisture condensing conditions, or at relative humidities above 75%. Tins are nitrogen filled, do not open
before use. It is recommended that where possible de-humidification equipment is used during the application of this product.

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product, the material safety data sheet should be read and, all precautions observed. Particular attention is drawn to Hardener B which contains Isocyanate.
Surface preparation Metals: Grit blast to ISO 8501-1 SA 2½ or equivalent and vacuum clean, refer to Corrocoat Data Sheet SP1. For other substrates and further information, refer to
Corrocoat Technical Services.

Application equipment

Airless spray pump 45:1 ratio minimum and capacity of at least 4 litres per minute. The pump should be fitted with leather seals and all fluid filters removed. Use a 10mm diameter (3/8”) internal bore spray line with a short 6mm (1/4”) whip end. A large bore contractor type spray gun fitted with a swivel connector and 0.7-1.0mm (29-40 thou) reversible spray tip is recommended. The spray tip size and fan pattern should be selected to suit the nature of the work. Product may be applied by brush for small areas or stripe
coating. Trowelling is possible.


Dependent upon end use and application conditions, Corrothane XT is normally applied in wet films of 1000 to 1300 microns. Where conditions allow it is preferable to apply the product in a single coat application. Where multi-coats are required it is essential that overcoating times are kept as short as is possible.

Mixing ratios

89.62 partsBase
01.09 parts Hardener A (organic peroxide)
09.29 parts HardenerB(Isocyanate)
(all ratios by weight)

Mixing instructions

Product should be at least at ambient temperature before mixing. Mix the base with a good mechanical stirrer until it is uniformly mixed. Add Hardener A(organic peroxide) to the Base and  mix thoroughly. Allow mix to stand for a minimum period of 10 minutes. Thoroughly stir the Base/peroxide mix again and leave to stand for a further minimum period of 10 minutes (NB. TheBase/peroxide blend is relatively stable and will not react significantly until Hardener B is added). Add Hardener B(Isocyanate) and mix thoroughly before applying. Where ambient temperatures are below 15°C, the product must be at 15°C or grater before application, to enable a suitable spray viscosity.

Data Sheet

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