Corrocoat Armagel

An abrasion resistant vinyl ester co-polymer containing glass flake and silicon carbide.

Suggested use

Immersed environments where good resistance to chemical attack combined with resistance to abrasion are required. Pipes, shutes, process tanks, etc.


Affected by some highly polar solvents and solutions exhibiting high pH at temperatures above 50°C.

Health & safety

Before handling or using this product the material safety data sheet should be read and all precautions observed.

Surface preparation

Metals: Grit blast to SIS 05 5900 Sa 2½ standard. For full details refer to Corrocoat Surface Specification SP1. Concrete: See Corrocoat Surface Specification SP5.

Application equipment

Airless pump of 45:1 ratio or greater. Fit leather and PTFE seal combination and remove all fluid filters. 10mm diameter (3/8”) nylon lined hose with 6mm whip end, large bore gun with reverse clean spray tip. Typical tip size is 0.8 to 1.25 (32 to 50 thou) with a 45° fan. Size of tip and fan angle will vary dependent upon the nature of the work. Pressure to suit hose lengths and working conditions. (circa 200bar). Brush application; is not recommended except for minor touch up and stripe coating.
NOTE: High rates of spray tip wear will be encountered with this product. Trials have shown that the silicon carbide will wear tips at a rate of approximately one for every 250 litres sprayed. This value will change dependent upon spray pressure, tip size and fan angle. Application Dependent upon intended use and site conditions, but Polyglass VE is normally applied as a primer coat at 500 microns, Armagel is then applied at typically 750-2500 microns. See Polyglass Application Data Sheet. Mixing ratio / mixing 98:2 base to hardener. For inhibitor use and mixing
instructions refer to Poly-glass Application Data Sheet.

Pot life

Circa 50 minutes at 20°C but may be varied by use of inhibitor or special manufacture, refer to Polyglass Application Data Sheet. Thinners The performance of Armagel can be adversely  affected by the addition of solvents and their use is prohibited. Thinning can be achieved by the addition of not more than 5% styrene monomer to Armagel by volume i.e. maximum 1 litres styrene per 20 litres Armagel. It should be noted that dilution with styrene may affect chemical resistance.


20 Litre composites.

Data Sheet

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