Corrosion Protection for Wind Turbines

Posted On : Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 in News

A leading innovator in wind turbines, based in the US and the Netherlands, has installations across Rotterdam, Amsterdam, parts of Germany, Israel and Colombia. The company produce efficient advanced aerodynamic tulip shaped wind turbines, which aim to deliver wind energy for everyone and make small windfarms a leading player in the green energy industry, with no environmental degradation.

Following great success, the company started developing larger wind turbines and our partners in the Netherlands, Corrocoat Benelux, recently received the first parts to provide corrosion protection for a wind turbine which would be installed in a coastal environment, at The Maasvlakte; a massive man-made westward extension of the Europoort port and industrial facility within the Port of Rotterdam. With a total length of 6 meters, the turbine required a protective coating, which needed to be resistant to all weather conditions, especially salty sea wind.

The team blasted the parts, before applying an adhesive layer of Plasmet ZF and finishing with a top layer of Plasmet Corrothane AP1; a high performance, 2-pack, solvent borne, isocyanate-free polyurethane/ acrylic top coat used primarily over the top of other Corrocoat epoxy based coatings to give colour retention and weathering properties. It is designed for use on new construction and maintenance work on marine and offshore structural work, offering excellent protection in aggressive atmospheric service environments.


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